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Ramesh Natarajan. Linux 101 Hacks

Автор: ShumaherНаписать ПС | Дата: 17-01-2013 / 22:11 | 4004 просмотров | 0 комментариев
Название: Linux 101 Hacks (2nd edition)
Автор: Ramesh Natarajan
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц: 271
Формат: PDF
Качество: изначально компьютерное

There are total of 101 hacks in this book that will help you build a stron foundation in Linux. All the hacks in this book are explained with appropriate Linux command examples that are easy to follow.
This book contains 12 chapters.
• Chapters 1 – 3 explain OpenSSH tips and tricks, CD command hacks, and several essential Linux commands including grep, fiand many more.
• Chapters 4 – 6 cover date manipulation, Linux command promp customization, archive and compression commands. Clear examples are provided.
• Chapter 7 – 9 explain critical Linux sysadmin tasks, package installation on various distros, and bash command line history with clear examples
• Chapter 10 - 12 cover LAMP stack installation and several Linux system monitoring and performance commands with practical examples.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Powerful CD Command Hacks

Hack 1. Define CD Base Directory Using CDPATH
Hack 2. Use CD Alias to Navigate Up the Directory
Hack 3. Perform mkdir and cd Using a Single Command
Hack 4. Toggle Between Directories
Hack 5. Manipulate Directory Stack
Hack 6. Automatically Correct Mistyped Directory Names

Chapter 2: Essential Linux Commands

Hack 7. Grep Command
Hack 8. Regular Expression in Grep
Hack 9. Find Command
Hack 10. Suppress Standard Output and Error Message
Hack 11. Join Command
Hack 12. Change the Case
Hack 13. Xargs Command
Hack 14. Sort Command
Hack 15. Uniq Command
Hack 16. Cut Command
Hack 17. Stat Command
Hack 18. Diff Command
Hack 19. Display Total Connect Time of Users
Hack 20. Execute Commands in the Background
Hack 21. Sed Basics – Find and Replace Using RegEx
Hack 22. Awk Introduction – Print Examples
Hack 23. Vim Editor Navigation Fundamentals
Hack 24. Chmod Command Examples
Hack 25. View Multiple Log Files in One Terminal
Hack 26. Less Command
Hack 27. Wget Examples

Chapter 3: SSH Commands and Tips

Hack 28. Debug SSH Client Session
Hack 29. Toggle SSH Session using SSH Escape Character
Hack 30. Display SSH Session Statistics
Hack 31. Change OpenSSH Security Options
Hack 32. Transfer All PuTTY Sessions

Chapter 4: Date Manipulation

Hack 33. Set System Date and Time
Hack 34. Set Hardware Date and Time
Hack 35. Display Date and Time in a Specific Format
Hack 36. Display Past Date and Time
Hack 37. Display Future Date and Time

Chapter 5: PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PROMPT_COMMAND

Hack 38. PS1 – Default Interaction Prompt
Hack 39. PS2 – Continuation Interactive Prompt
Hack 40. PS3 – Prompt Used by Select Command
Hack 41. PS4 – Prompt to Prefix Tracing Output
Hack 43. Customize Bash Prompt Using PS1
Hack 44. Colorful Bash Prompt Using PS1

Chapter 6: Archive and Compression

Hack 45. Zip Command Basics
Hack 46. Zip Command Advanced Compression
Hack 47. Password Protection of Zip files
Hack 48. Tar Command Examples
Hack 49. Combine gzip, bzip2 with Tar
Hack 50. BZ is Eazy! Bz* Command Examples
Hack 51. Cpio Examples

Chapter 7: Command Line History

Hack 52. Bash Command Line History Examples
Hack 53. History Related Environment Variables
Hack 54. History Expansion Examples

Chapter 8: System Administration Tasks

Hack 55. Partition Using fdisk
Hack 56. Format a Partition Using mke2fsk
Hack 57. Mount a Partition
Hack 58. Fine Tune a Partition Using tune2fs
Hack 59. Create a Swap File System
Hack 60. Create a New User
Hack 61. Create a New Group
Hack 62. Setup SSH Passwordless Login in OpenSSH
Hack 63. Use ssh-copy-id Along With ssh-agent
Hack 64. Crontab Examples
Hack 65. Safe Reboot Of Linux Using Magic SysRq Key
Hack 66. Linux Parted Command Examples
Hack 67. Rsync Command Examples
Hack 68. Chkconfig Command Examples
Hack 69. How to Setup Anacron
Hack 70. IPTables Rules Examples

Chapter 9: Install Packages

Hack 71. Yum Command Examples
Hack 72. RPM Command Examples
Hack 73. apt-* Command Examples
Hack 74. Install from Source

Chapter 10: LAMP Stack

Hack 75. Install Apache 2 with SSL
Hack 76. Install PHP from Source
Hack 77. Install MySQL
Hack 78. Install LAMP Stack
Hack 79. Install XAMPP
Hack 80. Secure Your Apache Web Server
Hack 81. Apachectl and Httpd Tips
Hack 82. Setup Apache Virtual Host Configuration
Hack 83. Rotate Apache Logs Files

Chapter 11: Bash Scripting

Hack 84. Execution Sequence of .bash_* file
Hack 85. Bash FOR Loops Using C Like Syntax
Hack 86. Debug a Shell Script
Hack 87. Quoting
Hack 88. Read Data File Fields Inside a Shell Script

Chapter 12: System Monitoring and Performance

Hack 89. Free Command
Hack 90. Top Command
Hack 91. Df Command
Hack 92. Du Command
Hack 93. Lsof Commands
Hack 94. Vmstat Command
Hack 95. Netstat Command
Hack 96. Sysctl Command
Hack 97. Nice Command
Hack 98. Renice Command
Hack 99. Kill Command
Hack 100. Ps Command
Hack 101. Sar Command

HTML-версия: http://linux.101hacks.com/toc/

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